Join us at the BASEES 2024 Annual Conference in Cambridge, UK

What: A thought-provoking roundtable discussion on the “Remnants of the ‘Russian World’ in Europe’s Online and Offline Spaces“.

When: April 2024

Where: Cambridge, UK

Who: Dr. Jade McGlynn, Dr. Tatiana Golova, Dr. Vera Zvereva, Dr. Kapitolina Fedorova, Tatiana Romashko

In recent years, the Kremlin’s promotion of the concept of the ‘Russian world’ has sparked an ongoing international dialogue. This expansive notion transcends national boundaries, encompassing Russian-speaking communities and individuals who share cultural, linguistic and historical ties with Russia. We invite scholars from different disciplines to join us in exploring the multifaceted influence of Russia’s efforts to propagate the ideas and rhetoric of the ‘Russian world’ to international communities in European spaces.

Our aim is to explore how these ideas permeate different aspects of European society and to identify the areas that are influenced by these ideas, as well as the resistance that arises in response. Language ideologies and shared historical narratives have long played a central role in shaping national and transnational identities, uniting speakers of the same language around shared values and beliefs. With the advent of modern digital technologies and online communication, it has become easier for people to create new imagined communities in social networks, both local and trans-local, united by their common languages and shared discourses.

During our roundtable discussion, we aim to explore how online and offline spaces serve as vehicles for the dissemination of the imaginary of the ‘Russian world’, and how international communities within Europe respond to, adapt to, or resist these sentiments. Our panelists will provide insights into the impact of ‘Russian world’ politics and imaginary representations across Europe, focusing on case studies from Estonia (Baltic), Finland (Nordic), Serbia (Eastern) and Germany (Western).

We look forward to a stimulating and enlightening discussion that promises to shed light on the evolving dynamics of the ‘Russian world’ in Europe’s digital and physical spaces. Don’t miss out on this captivating roundtable at the BASEES Annual Conference 2024 in Cambridge!

Website: BASEES Conference 2024 

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